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About Us

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Company number: NL 778
Address: Office 535 21 Botanic Avenue, Belfast, Northern Ireland, BT7 1JJ
Email: [email protected]


Personal Products and Service LP is a distributor of 100% natural cosmetics and great useful supplements to your everyday food. Everything we can give you is high quality products to your daily life.
Everything you can see and purchase is made with the latest technologies and, of course, standards of quality.
You as our customer can be totally sure that you are making the right decision visiting our website and purchasing exactly what you need.
Any catering you need, careful handling of your needs.
Don’t think that Personal Products and Service is just another retailer of millions. You can find not only high-quality goods on our website, but also we can show our customers wonderful online shopping you have never seen or done. You can do whatever you want: talk to your friends, search the Net, walk in the park and etc. -  and purchase whatever you need in two-three taps from your own gadget! Isn’t it great?! We sincerely would like to make your life better!

We have convenient choice!
Of course, we would like you to make your choice better and more convenient! Our company has a special star rating which our goods supplied with. Make your decision a lot easier! It gives you a chance to make a decision easier. And even better - to search our site if you are sure what you are looking for! There are many different filters to make you purchase easier. Enjoy!

To confirm the order, our Operator will contact you and confirm the possibility of sending to your region. We only deliver to certain regions.

Our products = quality.

Our company can guarantee our clients the incredible quality of the things we distribute. A lot of years of work we succeed in shows it best. Moreover, all of the products you can purchase pass through the greatest control. We may say that nothing can hide from us. Not a thing.