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Food supplement

The food supplement contributes to the normal functioning of the musculoskeletal system, has a beneficial effect on the joints.

Manufacturer BALCANTRADE EU LTD, 10/6 Apostol Karamitev str., Burgas, Bulgaria.
E-mail: [email protected]

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How to use To be taken by adult 1 capsule 2 times a day after meals only. The duration of admission is 2-3 months, if necessary, the course can be repeated. It is recommendable to consult a doctor before administration. This is not a medication. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Keep away from children. This food supplement should not be used as a substitute of a varied diet.
Warning the product contains raw materials originating outside the EU.
Contraindications individual intolerance to any of the ingredients, childhood.
Storage store in a dry place, away from sunlight, at a temperature below 25˚С.
Ingredients per 1 capsule: Glucosamine sulphate – 133mg (266mg)*, Chondroitin sulphate – 105mg (210mg)*, Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) – 60mg (120mg)*, Boswellia gum resin extract (Boswellia Carterii Birdw, 65% boswellic acid) – 22mg (44mg)*, Curcuma rhizome extract (Curcuma longa, 95% curcuminoid) – 12mg (24mg)*, Devil’s claw root extract (Harpagophytum procumbens, 5% harpagosides) – 10mg (20mg)*, Bromelain (Ananas comosus, stem) – 10mg (20mg)*. ----- Excipients: filler: microcrystal cellulose, magnesium stearate, anti-caking agent: silicon dioxide. ----- Capsule shell composition: gelatin. ----- *Key – recommended daily dose for 2 capsules.
Package 30 gelatin capsules weighing 0,500 g.
Batch No. refer to the package side.
Best before refer to the package side.

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